Blog Shoutout: Witty ’N’ Pretty

Editor’s note: I also contributed an entry this week for the OMV seminarians’ blog.  Check out my thoughts on being the full-time sacristan at St. Clement’s.

In July, I had written a post about my fascination with fashion blogs. Every five weeks, you can find a list of my favorite fashionistas in the menu bar to the right.

But I have been reluctant to add new fashion blogs to my favorites list. Mostly, the ones I’ve encountered failed my No. 1 criteria: Great storytelling always will interest me than just clothing and accessories.

This week, I decided to add a blogger to my favorites list: Liz Morrison on Witty ’N’ Pretty.

Her blog started to grow on me after I started following her a few months back. Along with her fashion, home decor and shopping tips, this Maryland girl shared stories about moving out and working in Kansas City. (That city is on my bucket list.) I can feel her pain about freezing during the winter and adjusting to a new place.

Besides, when she makes a face like this, what’s there not to love?

witty n pretty 2

(Why she’s cringing like this? Check out her funny entry on Instagram posts.)

To all my favorite fashion bloggers, stay classy and authentic.  Thanks for sharing.

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