Want more out of your prayer life?

Do you yearn for a deeper relationship with the Lord through praying with the Scriptures?

My fellow Oblate seminarians and I are available to accompany souls this year as prayer partners at St. Clement Eucharistic Shrine in Boston. If you would like to learn more about prayer partnering, please contact me through the blog or email jverdeflor@omvusa.org.

Who is a Prayer Partner?

A prayer partner is someone who, through sustained personal prayer with Scripture and spiritual direction, has discerned a call from God to accompany others in their own prayer. He or she is trained to help others learn to pray with Scripture, go deeper in their prayer, and prayerfully reflect on their spiritual experiences. He or she works closely with souls on an individual basis so that they may respond more generously to God’s love and hear His call to serve in the world.

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