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When I dusted off the blog formerly titled “Jonas’ Essential Matters” in early August 2017 after a year in novitiate, I faced this question: What are my essential matters?  What do I really care about to share with you?

After some prayer, I wanted more than just a soapbox to talk about me.  I wanted to share tips and lessons on life, prayer and spirituality that we can all benefit from.

Here are the four broad categories for my blog:

  1. Jesus: Allow his Divine Mercy to spark a deep personal relationship with Him.
  2. Mary: Want to grow closer to Jesus? Then let the Virgin Mary introduce you to her Son.  I was surprised by how helpful she has been in my spiritual life.
  3. Spirituality: Learn insights on prayer and discernment from St. Ignatius of Loyola, Venerable Bruno Lanteri and the Church.
  4. Adventure: Are you ready for adventure to see God in everyone and everything?  Check out stories from my life, travels, restaurant visits and movie and book reviews.

Will there still be silly stories?  Yup, because God is always surprising me.

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  • Current blog schedule is the first and third Mondays and first Wednesdays. Bonus entries are published on Fridays.

May God look tenderly on my latest blogging endeavor.


Brother Jonas