Congratulations, Fr. Nate and Fr. Leland

On Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, my fellow OMV deacons, Rev. Nate Marzonie and Rev. Leland Thorpe, were ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Thomas John Paprocki at St. Mary’s in Alton, Ill. I served as deacon of the Eucharist, bringing me close to the ordination rite.

Watch the ordination Mass through the Facebook page of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and School.

Highlights and interviews from the priestly ordination.

Here were moments that moved me the most:

  • Bishop Paprocki addressed Nate as Fr. Nathan and Leland as Fr. Leland when he anointed their hands.
  • During the Eucharistic prayer, I could hear Nate and Leland praying the words of consecration. They were confecting the Eucharist in both species. (By their priestly ordination and the words of Christ, the bread and wine became the Body and Blood of Christ.)
  • I received their blessings from each priest before I headed to the airport that same day.

Watch Fr. Leland’s first Mass at 11:30 a.m. CDT, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022, in St. Mary’s. Fr. Shawn Monahan, OMV, Fr. Leland’s and my novice master, gave the homily.

As of yesterday, I became the only OMV deacon for the U.S. province. But I know that my own priestly ordination will come someday. (Please don’t ask me for the date. The planning is ongoing.)

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