Hope is not an emotion

In this Easter season, I want to share this post on hope by “Under Reconstruction.” I can relate to Karen’s account of her despair and her faith in God. It reminds me of a discussion at Scripture class this semester. Father Peter Grover, OMV commented that hope is the toughest thing sometimes because hope depends on someone else (God) coming through. This is my favorite part of the post: “Hope is humble: it is admitting that you don’t know everything, and that your forecast of doom and gloom is fallible.”

Under Reconstruction

This past yearhastaught me a precious lesson. I have, for many years, grossly misunderstood the nature of hope. Andthe more I longed for my imaginary versionof hope, the more elusive hope became.

Hope, as it turns out, is as misunderstood as love. Likelove, hope isn’t an emotion. In fact, hope doesn’t have to feel good in the least. Like love, hope is a choice and a commitment. A commitment to what? A commitment to keep choosing the path of life — in spite of feeling hopeless.

Child002 Ink When I first started dealing with periods of severe depression about three years ago, I came to believethat one does not simply choose to have hope. Those seasons of unspeakable, impenetrable internal darkness convinced me that sometimes, one is completely robbed of the capacity to have any hope at all. As such,I begantaking for granted this notion that the only way to get…

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