One-year hiatus

On Aug. 1, 2016, I have entered the novitiate for the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.  This one-year phase of religious formation would provide space away from classes to pray and discern further my call to the priesthood.  Along with prayer, I would learn more about the religious order and its charism.  God willing, I would take first vows as a religious brother on Aug. 5, 2017.

Father Shawn Monahan, OMV, my novice master, likened this period as an extended spiritual retreat.  The pinnacle of the novitiate is the 30-day Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola in February 2017.  I have looked forward to taking those exercises and growing deeper in my love for Jesus.

close sign

To ensure that prayerful space, I have taken a year off social media and my blog.  Though I would like to fill you in my experiences as a novice, the computer and my smartphone would offer too many online temptations and distractions.  I have been proud of the progress in the blog, especially in interactions with other bloggers, design and regular content.

When I reactivate the blog in August 2017, I have three goals:

  1. Set up a unique domain name.
  2. Update photos of the header and user icon.
  3. Integrate it more with my other social media.

Also, I forgot to share my latest blog entry for the OMV seminarians’ blog when it came out in mid-May.  Check it out here.

If you have any prayer requests, please fill out the contact form by Saturday evening.  During the novitiate, I would check my email only once a week on Sundays.  I would pray for that intention for one month.

Please pray for me.  See you in August 2017.

God bless.


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