Friday blog find: What Mary Knew

As you rush off to visit family and friends, celebrate Christmas and the coming of our Savior.  But don’t let the holiday music and festivities sweep you past the Virgin Mary.  By getting to know her better, we get to know Jesus more.  Hannah wrote the following commentary on the song “Mary, Did You Know?”  Stop and let Mary tell you who she is.  Check out Hannah’s blog below.

“If we’re going to ask Mary loud and emotional questions, we must listen to her answers. We must treat her like a person. When you do, I promise she will deliver, with greater power than we’re ready for. She will answer loudly and emotionally. In all her raw and revolutionary power. She will give you permission to break out of your boxes, deny those who would belittle you, and put wild hope and trust in the God we strive to serve. And, after all, it’s great practice for listening to women and treating them like people, too.”

via What Mary Knew — Hannah Shanks

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