Cheering my brothers on

As the grind of another semester has filled my semester, God has reminded that my fellow Oblate brothers have changed and grew.

On Friday evening, Feb. 1, 2019, Brs. Rafael Solorio, OMV and Paul Kallal, OMV took their perpetual vows.  Father Jim retraced his vocation story in his homily.  As he learned to adapt to being the provincial, he received this counsel from the Virgin Mary: “The measure you accept your yes is the measure others will experience that yes.”  How generous we must be to exude that joy of giving.

The next morning, Feb. 2, 2019, Br. Rafael Solorio, OMV was ordained to the transitional diaconate.  On MLK Day, he had called me to ask whether I would be the master of ceremonies for the liturgy.  I was honored to have that.  The past few weeks, I definitely felt the stress of assembling the pieces and understanding the diaconate ordination Mass.  I was turning things over to Jesus and Mary.  On that Saturday morning, Jesus reminded me in prayer to stay calm and to keep the liturgical notes with me.  Fortunately,  Br. Leland gave me his notes from last year’s ordination Mass and Fr. John Luong, OMV offered last-minute liturgical tips and advice.

The liturgy went smoothly with a few mistakes.  But I accomplished my goal of the bishop laying his hands on Br. Rafael’s head and reciting the proper prayer.  I’m very relieved.  My cover photo of Br. Rafael prostrating during the Litany of the Saints was taken by Rose Cummings.

Now let the rest of the semester unfold.

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