Freedom from sin

As we come off the Independence Day weekend, I want to praise one of the biggest freedoms: freedom from sin. Imagine doing good and loving freely without the baggage of our failings, defense mechanisms, sins and wounds. Yet we know that we had fallen short. God’s infinite mercy can swallow up our sins and begin the process of healing.

Going to confession is the first step to have that freedom from sin. Below, I share again Fr. Mike Schmitz’s inspiring video of how Confession is a place of victory.

Below, Fr. Mike offers a guide for preparing for confession after a long time away.

For those who go to confession regularly, here is the video in the struggle against the persistent sins.

Venerable Bruno Lanteri encouraged people who had fallen again into sin to “Begin Again.” We were never meant to stay down. We are called to turn to the Jesus again so He can raise us up.

Be free from sin. Come and receive God’s mercy.

God bless.

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