Favorites update: Part 1 — Fashion blogs

I don’t know how I became interested in fashion blogs.  A few likes from a few fashionistas and I’m hooked.

Looking back, I realized that I have liked the bloggers’ stories more than the clothing and accessories.  Those stories make them more real to me, and I can relate to their struggle, support and joy.  Fashion was not lifeless or only the fantasy of the designer.

I updated my favorites list in the sidebar.  Check them out.  Here are my take on these three fashion blogs.

  • The Girl in the Little Black Dress: This is my first and favorite fashion blog.  Natalie’s photography and her overlays impressed me first.  But sharing her struggles and feelings prompted me to follow her entries.
  • Admirably Legal: Mira’s find of inspirational words from a designer and travel photos drew me in.
  • The Fashion Noob: A Filipino in Norway.  Who would have guessed?  Any good Filipino endeavor I’m a fan of.  Anna’s honesty over her weight issue piqued my interest.

To all my favorite fashion bloggers, stay classy and authentic.  Thanks for sharing.

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