Favorites update: Part 2 — The Globetrotters

Note: I have delayed my summer reflection series until Aug. 10.  Looking at my editorial calendar, I saw that it made better sense to release these entries during my last week in New York.  I updated the previous scheduling entry to reflect the change.

This week, I want to highlight my favorite travel blogs.  Recently, the bloggers have produced great narratives and pictures.  They have also ventured into other topics that make me come back often.

The favorites list is updated in the sidebar.  Check them out.  Here is my take on these five blogs:

  • A Backpack & A Boarding Pass: Currently, the blog has a great series on Italy.  It also provides traveling tips and profiles other travelers.
  • La Vie en Noir: Dita has started her own take on Italy. I look forward to her stay in France.  She also delves into food.
  • Lonestar Lauren: Lauren offers tips on the coolest places in Austin and beyond. I should’ve known this when I was living in Texas.
  • M Malmcrona: Maja offers a refreshing European perspective in traveling.  She is not afraid to jump into touchy subjects.
  • The Kiwi Fruit: Stef, a New Zealander, writes about food, Iceland and animals. The pictures of the ice flows are amazing.

Thank you, my favorite travelers, for sharing your adventures.  Help us always to expand our horizons.

What do you think?

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