Into the hills

Editor’s note: I also submitted an entry on the OMV seminarians’ blog. Check it out here.

Most of the seminarians at St. Clement’s headed up to a cabin in Jackson, N.H., for spring break. The cabin was near the Black Mountain Ski Area.   It was the third time Father Tom Carzon, OMV rented the cabin for spring break. I learned how to snowboard last year (with many tumbles and falls).

Unlike last year, the mild weather this year wasn’t conducive for winter sports. A winter wonderland gave way to the brown and gray landscape throughout the week. But the redeeming quality was the ice melt creating a boisterous stream near the cabin.

I would study and read in the mornings. The afternoons, I would talk walks along the road and play various board games. I would always squeeze in time for personal prayer. After Mass and dinner, we would end the evening with a movie. We went through the first three Jason Bourne movies. I had watched only the “Bourne Ultimatum,” but I saw how all the movies fit together.

The most inspiring moment was when we went to Mass on Thursday at Our Lady of the Mountains in nearby North Conway. The parishioners were so grateful that we were there. I was allowed to lead the first decade of the rosary after Mass. Amid the bustle of studies and formation, people outside the seminary are cheering us on.

The week away from classes allowed us to grow together and learn more about each other. God willing, these men always will be my religious brothers for the rest of my life. On Wednesday, Father Tom, Brother Paul N., Brother Paul K., Leland, Colin and Joel went up a mountain trail to the top of a nearby hill. My heels were already aching during my walks on the road, so I opted out. It took two hours to go up and a half-hour to come back down. Jeremy and I had a good, honest chat on the drive back to St. Clement’s on Friday.

Refreshed from the trip, I’m ready for the two-month dash to the end of the semester. Let’s go.

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