Guitar nostalgia (Part 1 of 4): A view into greatness — Andrew York

Note: While I’m busy with finals and papers, I opted not to give my usual photo of a dirty desk during my studies. Looking through my archives, I found these music entries when I had strived to be the next guitar hero. This is the introduction.

Surfing the Internet, I had bumped into this news item: Classical guitar player Andrew York conducts a guitar ensemble of his composition in Hawaii. I clicked on the link and found this video.

Francois Fowler, my classical guitar teacher in Georgia, had introduced me to York a decade ago. I bought a few of his songs. Once and a while, I would pull them up on iTunes and listen.

andrew york
Classical guitar player Andrew York (Photo courtesy of

York also plays with the L.A. Guitar Quartet.

I enjoyed learning to play his various compositions. My favorite was “Faire.” I could imagine myself playing in the fairgrounds on a sunny, warm May day.

I couldn’t find a video of York performing this piece, but many other people have. Here is one performance that is similar to my best about 9 or 10 years ago.

For that brief moment, I felt that I was good. But that feeling would not last.

2 thoughts on “Guitar nostalgia (Part 1 of 4): A view into greatness — Andrew York

  1. I studied classical and Flamenco guitar for a few years. I miss playing! Thanks to medical issues, my hand and arm muscles no longer hold up for even one song. I still have my guitar, though. I’m hopeful that some day I’ll be able to fully play it again. In the meantime, I’m happy to listen to others play!


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