Guitar nostalgia (Part 4 of 4): “Do You Remember?”

Note: This is the conclusion of my four-part series looking back on my guitar playing days.   This song captures a slice of my life as a young copy editor/page designer hanging out with friends after a long night at the newspaper before growing deeper in my faith.  Those were fun times, but I don’t want to stay up that late any more.  This post was originally posted on MySpace on Aug. 25, 2007.

On what would have been my four-year anniversary to work at The Albany Herald, I give all those I’ve met in Georgia this song, “Do You Remember?” I should have sung this before I left town. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit all the events I wanted to include. But these should evoke some collective memories. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Lyrics to “Do You Remember?”

Do you remember
getting wasted with
Ben Roberts on
New Year’s Eve?

Do you remember
hearing Brent sing
Journey at

Can you tell me
where it all started?
Can you tell me
when it all started?

Do you remember
watching movies
late night at

Do you remember
seeing Josh as
Ducky on
’80s night?


Bridge (twice):
Where have
these days gone?
Why do they
move so fast?

Do you remember
eating breakfast at
Steak N Shake at
3 a.m.?

Do you remember
seeing old friends
pack up and
go away?


Tell me, tell me
how it all ended?
Tell me, tell me
why it all ended?

What do you think?

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