2016 Summer Reflection: Summertime Reads

Among my search for relaxation, I brought home a slew of spiritual books to read.  I relied more on my Kindle because it was more convenient to download a book instead of lugging around a book.

Here are my quick reflections on my summertime reading:

  • “God or Nothing”: Cardinal Robert Sarah held no punches in talking honestly about his past, the Church and the state of today’s world. This book will be a must-read before my priestly ordination, God willing.
  • “Mary in the Middle Ages”: Father Luigi Gambero surveyed reflections on the Virgin Mary among the Latin scholars. It was fun to see further expounding of Marian doctrines such as the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception over the centuries.  I was surprised how early a Christian writer consecrated himself to Jesus through Mary (about 600 AD).
  • “God in Action”: This Cardinal Francis George book was one of my references for my term paper in contemporary philosophy. I completed the book during my summer break.  Cardinal George was insightful in seeing God working in our world (politically, socially and economically).
  • “My Poetry Through the Years: Original Poems”: One of my favorite bloggers, Kaitlyn Franzone was offering a free copy of her first book of poetry. The poems (mostly about Cubs fandom) were OK.  But Franzone has the potential for much growth.
  • “Amoris Laetitia”: Every family and married couple should read this apostolic exhortation by Pope Francis. He stressed the beautiful ideals of family and marriages while he saw the need of pastoral care for those falling short of those ideals.  My only disappointment was that Pope Francis offered no reflection on the Holy Family at the end of the document.
  • “No Man is an Island”: During my day of recollection with the Trappists in Spencer, Mass., the retreat house played this audio book during meals.  I wanted to read this Thomas Merton book since.  Merton offered insights on charity, prayer, solitude, suffering and vocation.

What do you think?

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