Prayer requests for October 2017

Here are the prayer requests for this month.  There are blank spots available.  I pray for these intentions daily.  You can pray for all of them or some of them.  If you want to submit a prayer request, see the instructions at the end of the list.  Let’s pray for each other.

  1. Victims of gun violence: Grant them eternal rest, Lord, and console their families.  May those who plan and perpetrate gun violence be converted.
  2. 40 days for Life: Turn the hearts of expecting parents to their children, Lord.  Bring healing to women who had abortions.  May those in the abortion industry be converted.
  3. Victims and survivors of hurricanes: May the Lord hold the victims close to his heart and support the survivors throughout the recovery effort.
  4. Archer Senft:  May the Lord heal this 17-year-old from his spinal injury.  Read his story here.  The family is turning to the intercession of my order’s founder, Venerable Bruno Lanteri.
  5. Nicole: May Lord may help her through her spiritual troubles.
  6. Margaret: May the Lord heal this 10-year-old from her eye and medical ailments.
  7. Empty
  8. Empty
  9. Empty
  10. Empty

rosary words

How to submit prayer request:

If you have a prayer request, fill out the contact form which can be found on the top menu bar (highlighted in blue).  In the subject drop-down box, choose “Monthly Prayer Request.”  Type your request under the Comment label.  (It looks like the text box is not there.  But it’s there.  Just click right below it and the cursor will appear.)  If you have privacy concerns, please include only your first name.  I will post them on the first Wednesday of the month and update the list throughout the month. You will find the current list by clicking on “Monthly Prayer Requests” at the top menu bar (highlighted in red).

menu locations

I will cap the list at 10 so I can focus my energies on a small list.  At the start of the month, I’ll wipe the slate clean and start again

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