How shall I write for Christmas?

In late September, I started writing Christmas cards.  Usually, I would use a gel pen because of the look of the ink.  But this time, I opted for a fountain pen.  Deb, a longtime supporter of the Oblates, had learned that I liked sending cards.  She gave two fountain pens.

Fountain pens
My two fountain pens are the Pilot Metropolitan, top, and the Pilot Varsity. I started with the Varsity because it has an ink cartridge.

The first time I handled the pens, I got ink onto my hands.  A YouTube search brought up Left Out, a video series by the Goulet Pen Company.  Lydia advises left-handers on using fountain pens.

One suggestion is to doodle to be comfortable with the feel of the pen.  It was fun doodling.  It tapped into my childhood.  After a few practices, I learned how to hold the pen to ensure contact with the paper.

Here is an example of my doodling before I write my Christmas cards. Can I see all the letters of the alphabet?

I enjoyed writing with a fountain pen.  The ink comes out smoothly and the lines look elegant.  My fondness for gel pens must have been a desire to imitate a fountain pen.  It makes me tempted to use it as an everyday pen.  ALMOST.

What do you think?

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