Day 8 assignment

This assignment for the Blogging 101 class focuses on commenting on other blogs.  I was always leery about commenting because of how quickly things can degenerate.  But the WordPress guys offered some great pointers on making thoughtful and classy comments.

Here are four blogs where I offered my comments:

  • In my previous career in newspapers, I always enjoyed looking at the info graphics.  Those graphics can boil down difficult ideas to a easy-to-understand format.  But sometimes they can be just funny.  The blog Still Thinking offers this graphic on what people do during meetings to appear smart.
  • Sometimes, a picture offers a whole new perspective.  The blog Under Reconstruction offers a simple drawing on human life.  In my comment, I linked this to Pope Francis’ latest encyclical.
  • The news recently reported the controversy surrounding Harper Lee’s latest work, “Go Set a Watchman.”  I wasn’t planning to read the book.  But L.A. Barnitz’s latest entry might make me reconsider.  I offered a few ideas in my comment.
  • In this blog entry, Sarah and Celli offered inspirational quotes.  I included a Bruce Lee quote to their list.

On to the next assignment.

What do you think?

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