New feature: Seeking prayer requests for November

I have enjoyed posting weekly updates on the blog. But I’ve felt the need to integrate my hobbies into my life. If a hobby is cut off from other parts of life, it will more likely be discarded during difficulties.

Amid the academics, I usually find time to pray, usually with the religious community and sometimes by myself. Prayer has kept me sane during the hectic semester.

My prayer intentions to God have been for personal needs and for groups and other people I had met over the years.

But recently, I have thought: Is there people who need someone to pray for their loved ones, their colleagues, and even their own challenges? Maybe if I post these prayer requests, other people will take them up and pray for them. When we pray for each other, we lift each other and our needs to God.

rosary wordsI have decided to turn to you.

If you have a prayer request, fill out the contact form which can be found on the top menu bar (highlighted in blue).  In the subject drop-down box, choose “Monthly Prayer Request.” I will post them on the first Wednesday of the month and update the list throughout the month. You will find the list by clicking on “Monthly Prayer Requests” at the top menu bar (highlighted in red).

menu barI will cap the list at 10 so I can focus my energies on a small list.  At the start of the month, I’ll wipe the slate clean and start again.

Let’s pray for one another.

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