Among angelic voices

On Sunday, Dec. 13, Jeremy, Joel and I went to the Christmas concert of the St. Paul boys choir in Harvard Square. I had learned only a few days before that a friend of the Oblates wanted to bring us to the concert. I had considered skipping to focus on studying. But I had progressed in my papers well enough to open time for the concert.

The last time I visited Harvard Square was a dozen years ago. But I never knew about St. Paul’s church. The exterior was brick to match the neighborhood. Inside, I like the white stonework, the vaulted ceiling and classic columns.

The choir was impressing. The Latin hymns were so soothing that I almost fell asleep and dropped my program. The audience was allowed to participate with a few songs. A few instrumental pieces allowed the choir to rest.  Pictures and videos weren’t allowed at the concert.  Here’s a video clip about the choir.

I did feel sorry for one solist whose voice broken while singing a verse. Joel said it might had been nervousness.

I might have needed to press a bit to finish my usual Sunday chores. But I don’t regret taking this short break from studies. We all need to realign ourselves before diving back into work.




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