Stressed out? Build a house

Today, after a week of cranking out papers and studying for finals, some of us seminarians needed a break.  My friend Joel decided on a gingerbread house competition.

I wasn’t into building gingerbread houses.  I prefer demolishing (eating) them.  But I joined in.  It’s interesting how the stress melt away under the weight of gingerbread, candy and frosting.

This is my creation.  Not too bad for a first-time builder.

I built this gingerbread house on Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015, at St. Clement’s.  Shouldn’t houses smile with joy?

This wasn’t the winner.  But it received compliments.

I didn’t eat it immediately.  It looked too nice to destroy right away.   There will be enough time to savor this handiwork after finals.

What do you think?

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