Down to the Korean parish

On Sunday, Father Tom, Jeremy, Brenden and I visited the Korean parish in Auburndale, west of Boston. Jeremy have attended the St. Antoine Daveluy Parish  for a few years. He invited all the postulants to the parish. He even taught us a little Korean on Saturday. (But languages don’t come easily to my brain.)

The former site of the Corpus Christi parish, the church was a welcoming open space with plenty of the natural light. The interior had geometric designs that gave a space a Middle Eastern feel instead of a Far Eastern atmosphere.

The young adult Mass at 4 p.m. was beautiful.   The Korean choir sang with a deep reverence. Deacon Chris Bae gave a bilingual homily that connected the mystical experience of the Transfiguration to a deep reverence for the Eucharist.

A Korean dinner was served downstairs in the church hall. The food was delicious although the soup was too spicy for me. I enjoyed practicing my chopstick skills.

We met an old acquaintance. Monica and her husband, Jacob, fed us during a sojourn to Philadelphia to see the pope. She had just finished a parish-sponsored retreat at Miramar Retreat Center, the site of my retreat at the start of the semester. I was glad to see that she reaped much fruit from the retreat.

After dinner, Father Tom brought us to Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant in nearby Newtown. I fell in love with the place when I saw their ads for Oreo Chip Ice Cream and even better the Mint Oreo Chip Ice Cream. But the Junior Mint Sundae was for me. Imagine a Junior Mint exploding into a sundae. This dessert was the perfect end for to the evening.

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