Being Stabbed in the Neck while Motorcycling

Note: With the leap year, I decided to look in my blogging archives.  I found this entry that originally was posted on MySpace on Aug. 11, 2008.  This captured one of the many misadventures on my motorcycle.  A motorcyclist must always be aware of what is happening and prepare for the unexpected.  Sometimes, God’s providence might be the only thing that prevented something worse from happening.  — Jonas

I owned this Triumph Bonneville from 2005-14. We had many adventures and misadventures during that time.

(On Aug. 8, 2008) Wednesday the 8th, I squeezed in some time on my motorcycle. A low gas supply forced me to take a shorter route (to my apartment in Redding, CA).

I headed down my return leg of my route. Traffic started to build up as I neared built-up areas. Then I felt it — pain, driving and blinding. It bore deeper as if someone stabbed an ice pick right below my Adam’s apple up to the handle. My neck — of all the places covered by my helmet, a canvas jacket, gloves, jeans and a pair of boots, I get hit there, the only exposed spot.

With my left hand, I persistently grabbed my neck and jacket, trying to coax whatever hit me to depart. Of course, I had been struck before — one time on the chest with a small pebble. But this surprised me with its duration and intensity of the pain.

My first impression was a bee sting because of the constant pain. But worst-case scenarios flooded my thoughts. If it were a bee sting, would I get a serious reaction because it was in the neck? Was that a shard of metal? Was I bleeding? Could I still get to the hospital? Where is the hospital? If necessary, how soon can I get help?

At a stop light, I quickly looked into my right mirror for any bleeding. Nothing.   Unfortunately, the pain occurred just after I passed two important cutoff points where I can take a more direct route to home. One was the interstate and the other was a side street. All the traffic directed me forward. I had to complete my planned route.

The ice pick feeling withdrew several minutes later. I pulled into my apartment complex. I rechecked my neck. I found some bug parts, but I couldn’t tell what it was. Five days later, the remaining irritation faded away. A lump marked where I got hit.

Someone up there must have looked out for me because I managed to keep my Bonneville straight and forward after that impact. I’m grateful that the situation didn’t worsen like the dirt road incident in January.

Other than wearing plate armor or stop riding (two impossibilities), I don’t know how I can improve my protection. I’ll just have to be more circumspect. Today, my first ride since the hit, I kept a careful eye for debris on the road and my position to other vehicles. My neck is still safe and sound.


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