Friday blog find: Work and Exhaustion

With most colleges nearing the end of the semester, the danger of working lots of hours and cutting out rest can topple any student.  One of my favorite bloggers wrote this post a few months back on the effects of a 60-hour work week.  Check it out.  Please be aware what’s going on inside of you.  If you need a break, take it.  There is a reason why God instituted a rest day weekly:  Stop, give praise to God, rest and begin again with refocused priorities.

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a more personal post with all of you about my job, health, and just a general life update. Normally, I like to talk about happy things like I did in my previous post, but … Continue reading → The post What Working 60 Hours a Week Does to Your…

via What Working 60 Hours a Week Does to Your Body — Witty N Pretty

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