Lenten goals 2018

I admired God’s humor today.  On the day when chocolates are gobbled up and sappy cards are given, the Church offers sleek streaks of ashes and restraint.  Today, we prepare for Jesus’ victory over death by mending our ways and turning to Jesus, our true source of love and joy.

I always preferred a couple of plus and minus goals during Lent.  If it was all penance, it would lead to a gloomy outlook.  If it was all addition, our faults can limit or even negate any benefits.  My two goals focus on health .

Plus: 7-minute burpees three times a week: With my hectic schedule this semester, exercise fell by the wayside.  Although I have my daily morning routine of 40 pushups and 20 situps, I wanted a quick, intense exercise during the day.  The 7-minute burpee routine has been talked about in the seminary.  The goal is to do 100 burpees in 7 minutes.  I felt drawn to this quick exercise and tried it this morning.  Total: 58.  If I can increase this tally by two every time, I could reach 80 by Holy Thursday.

Negative: Bread and water for breakfast and lunch on Fridays: I had done variations of this fast in previous years.  This will strengthen my self-discipline when I feel tempted by a piece of dessert that has dairy in it.  One bite of that will be a guaranteed trip of digestive regret in my lactose intolerant world.  An increase in discipline here can increase it in other areas (finance, emotions, etc.).

I pray that your Lent is a success.  Remember that these goals aren’t achieved by willpower alone.  We have Jesus and his grace to back me up.  He who fasted 40 days and 40 nights can accompany you and strengthen you.  If you falter, remember Father Lanteri’s advice: “Nunc Coepi” (“Now I begin” or start again).

What are your goals for Lent?

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