Happy Easter! Let’s review those goals

Christ is risen!  He is truly risen!  Alleluia!

Happy Easter!  Hopefully, you haven’t stuffed yourselves too much with Easter candy.  Remember that Easter celebration lasts for eight days.  Make sure to space out your treats.

During the Easter Octave, I want to review how I did with my plus and minus goals for Lent.

Plus: 7-minute burpees three times a week: I was surprised by how much progress I made.  For two-thirds of Lent, I was stuck in the 60s.  Then I followed the suggestion to do 70 burpees, no matter how much time it took.  I broke 70 on March 16.  I maxed out at 77 on March 26.  I couldn’t reach 80 by my original deadline of Holy Thursday.  But that’s a huge leap of 58 on Feb. 14.  Overall, my mood has improved with such a short exercise.  I’ll keep this routine for the rest of semester until I can return to the usual exercise DVDs.  I’m still looking to break that 80-burpee mark.

Negative: Bread and water for breakfast and lunch on Fridays: My self-discipline has definitely been strengthened.  I noticed it during Holy Week when I resisted the dairy-loaded treats.  Even if I forgot to fast during any of those Friday meals, I would always make it up the next day by skipping a meal.

Despite all the gains, I remember that I couldn’t do this by myself.  God’s grace is the primary hand supporting me, especially when I was in a monthlong rut during the burpee challenge.  The power of resurrected Jesus can help you with your goals.  Learn to rely on it more and you’ll be surprised with the results.

Christ is risen.  He has truly risen!  Alleluia!

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