Poem: Simply Mary

Here is another poem I wrote during my 8-day retreat in late August.

Simply Mary

She comes
simply as her own,
a warm evening breeze
draws us from all
places dark and chill.

She comes with no titles,
no ornamentation,
no fanfare, no perfume.
She comes with herself
Long flowing hair
Soothing eyes
A smile lingering
through eternity.
“I’m just a girl,”
she says.

But more than a girl
Her simplicity frightens demons.
Her eyes look tenderly on all.
Her voice announces a new era.
Her tears and heart participate
with her Son’s redemption.
Her arms welcome all.

Girl & woman.
Virgin & mother.
Beloved daughter.
Mother of the Redeemer.
Spouse of the Spirit
Immaculate among the sinful.
Coredemptrix & redeemed
Mediatrix of All Graces.
A girl from Nazareth.
Queen of heaven.

All are quite true.
But simply
I call her

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