My top blog themes for 2019

As another year comes to a close, I would like to share my top three blog themes.  It’s a great way to see some things from me that you’ve missed or that you’ve wanted to read again.

No. 1: Virgin Mary in videos and recordings

The Virgin Mary dominated most of my entries.  She leads us to Jesus.  How can I not stop talking about her?  So much so that I have to split them up.

I found a treasure trove of videos on her throughout the year.  These might help you to grow closer to the mother of Jesus:

You can listen to my earlier attempts to talk about Kolbe, Mary and the Spirit and Theology of the Body, Suffering and Lourdes.

Lanteri Mary

No. 2: Virgin Mary in poetry

A retreat in August unleashed my poetic side.  Poetry expresses well what lies deep in the heart that prose can’t touch.  Mary revealed how much she cared and loved me in my prayers.

Check out my two poems: “Praying to Mary” and “Simply Mary.”

No. 3: Opera

This year, I rediscovered the joy of opera.  This art brings together music, theater, singing, performance and dance in one venue.  When done well, the opera pulls one away from oneself to another world and possibility.

Check my reflections on Dialogues des Carmélites and Akhnaten.

Happy New Year to all!

Stay safe and God bless.

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