Poem: “Praying to Mary”

This poem developed one evening during my 8-day retreat in late August at St. Joseph Retreat House in Milton, Mass.

Praying to Mary

How shall I pray 
to thee, O Immaculata?
Through many Rosaries?
Many have grown
close to thee through it.
My daily Rosary
testifies to its value.
Through many novenas?
Many favors 
Thou hast granted
through them. 

But I prefer
to chat with thee,
at breakfast
to plan my day
during an evening walk
to review my day,
or anywhere
to talk, to tease,
to joke, to laugh,
to encourage,
to console. 

Or better in silence
like that old married couple
who don’t say much
to each other
but enjoy the presence
of the Other. 

Let me be with thee
and listen to thee.
Thine eyes well up
with love

Thy words linger
through eternity

and thy love
rests securely
in my heart. 

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