Audio: Spiritual Discouragement

On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Br. Jorge Sanchez, OMV brought me to his parish of St. Joseph in Berlin, Mass., to discuss overcoming spiritual discouragement.

This half-hour talk tapped material from Fr. Tim Gallagher’s book Overcoming Spiritual Discouragement, Fr. Tim’s February workshop on Venerable Bruno, and the Litany to Begin Again.

I started with anecdotes from Venerable Bruno’s life and proceeded to discuss quotes from a booklet I made for the talk.  For the booklet, download it here.

The attendance was small (four people).  But everyone complimented me on the talk.  A woman talked to Br. Jorge about her struggles.  Another woman shared with me how powerfully the Virgin Mary had helped her family.

The church had no air conditioning and relied on many fans in the windows.  I removed the fans from the audio file.

Don’t be discouraged.  Always begin again.

One thought on “Audio: Spiritual Discouragement

  1. Thank you so much Br. Jonas! Fabulous content and of course, perfect timing. Blessings and gratitude. My very best to all at St. Clement.


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