Video & music find: Battling discouragement

I have directed retreats for a few months. Many people seek relief from discouragement because of worries and problems. The best I can do is to point back to God’s infinite mercy for them. All I do is follow in the footsteps of my founder.

In the 19th century, Venerable Bruno Lanteri offered counsel to the discouraged. He recommended that we should see God as he is (loving, merciful) instead of one of us (tired of requests, disinterested, distant).

Fr. Mike Schmitz has great insights on this video on discouragement. Take sin seriously. Take God’s mercy seriously.

Also, Fr. Tim Gallagher, OMV is offering a virtual workshop on spiritual discouragement. Check out the promo video.

Check out also this song inspired by Venerable Bruno’s counsel: Begin Again.

Phil Fleming, “Begin Again”

Hope that these items offer a light in the darkness.

God bless.

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