Visiting my father

On Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021, I visited my father during a short visit to New York. The last time must have been a few years ago. Of course, the pandemic played a part. But anyone familiar with my family’s painful history can point to other reasons.

But I felt peaceful throughout the visit. Helen, my father’s wife, and Stephanie, my half-sister were both welcoming and generous. Mostly, I credit God’s work over the past five years of healing the hurts in my heart. That gave me a freedom to love my father in a better way.

I also wanted to show that my interior healing and freedom have produced a new way of living. My talk about healing must manifest in actions. This visit was the small step to show that.

Dad and I didn’t talk much since he was silent in his wheelchair. There were many years of silence between us. Rebuilding relationships takes time. But I’m open to the possibility of more between us.

I look forward to more visits with him.

God bless.

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