Eucharist reflection: Why a devotion?

A few months, Fr. Paolo Cumin, pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in East Boston, had sought someone to talk about the Eucharist. Through various connections, the request came to me. I volunteered. My talk would help open the exhibit of Eucharistic miracles collected by Blessed Carlo Acutis in honor of the Year of the Eucharist in the Archdiocese of Boston.

But the main speaker was Carlo’s mother through web conference. Her stories about him and his Eucharistic devotion were interesting. Although he loved playing video games, he limited his gaming to an hour every week because he didn’t want to be a slave to the machine.

The talk below lists the three reasons for a devotion: presence with Jesus, sacrifice with Jesus and communion with Jesus.

Why We Should Have a Devotion to the Eucharist (Saturday Feb. 5, 2022)

God bless.

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